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  • July 30, 2016, 08:12:25 AM
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Download the server's mod pack: CLICK HERE
The server takes place in 1958.
We'll never use any tag except "That_" .
Don't be fooled by imitation servers or by
people attempting to impersonate The
Emperor on other SA:MP servers! :P

$25 SUMMER Donation Package:

Until August 25th, all donations will garner x2 the normal amount of armour.
Normally $25 = 25% armour but $25 = 50% armour until the deadline.
Donate $25 CAD and you'll also receive
ALL of the newly-released and
summer-themed placeable objects which include:

1. Placeable Beach Ball object
2. Placeable Sand Castle object
3. Placeable Red Beach Towel object
4. Placeable Green Striped Beach Towel object
5. Placeable Rockstar Beach Towel object
6. Placeable Yellow Beach Towel object
7. Wearable Back Pack clothing item for your character

(Or you may donate $10 for 2 items!)

Items may be used an unlimited amount of times.

After donating, please send a message
to The Emperor by clicking here!